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Lunch Following HvS Funeral, Garston Manor, Watford, UK, November 18, 2006

Attendance at Lunch
Bailey, Susan; Benjamin, Alec and Bobby; Blankert, Barend and Jan Willem; Blood, Shirley; Bodsworth, Charles and Kate; Boissevain, Caroline; Callow, Eleanor; Clark, Rob and Jo; de Lisle, Jean; de Pullford, Amanda and Mark; Dickinson, Ann; Dowling, Colm and Mairsile; Eldon, John and Béatrice; Gauder, Leanne; Glias, Alain; Hall, David; Harding, Caroline; Harte, Ann; Hill, Madeline and Tim; Hilton-O'Neill, Marnie, Finn and Cian; James, Margaret; Jonathan; Jones, Alan and Jane; Kennedy, Alex; Khabwe, Louisa; Kofoed Hansen, Astrid; Leech, Shelagh and Colm; Marlin, Alex, Laura, Margie and Nick; Marlin, Brigid; Marlin, Gregory and Daniela; Marlin, John and Alice Tepper; Marlin, Randal and Elaine; Matthews, Graham and Margaret; Miller, Mary; Moran, Caroline and Terry; Newton, Marilyn; Northcott-O'Neill, Max; O’Neill, Sheila; Oakley, Chris; Oakley, Des, Anna and Ivan; Ondatto, Connie; O'Neill, Ailise, Lili and Roisin; O'Toole, Mary and Pat; Owino, Grace Susan; Paices, Cliff and Geoff (Denise and Jan); Parry, Dorcas; Phillips, Francis; Pigott, Sita and Brian; Ray, Jack and Jill; Redrup, Donna; Rintari, Christine; Ruddell, Aisla and Bill; Schintgen, Christine; Shotton, John and Monique; Sills, Gerald and Jennifer Harrison; Vicary, Jean; West, Matt; Willoughby O'Neill, Catrine and Zodiac; Willoughby, John; Woods, Lily.

1. Jean de Lisle (HvS writing student, wrote tribute to HvS under Books), Judy Vicary (also an HvS writing student), Leanne Gauder (carer for HvS in the final year).
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